Nature Of Sabah

Nature Of Sabah

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Celoteh2 Aku: PETUA IMAM SYAFIE: 4 PERKARA UNTUK SIHAT Empat perkara menguatkan badan 1. makan daging 2. memakai haruman 3. kerap mandi 4. berpakaian dari kapas Empat...

Sunday, 9 October 2011

On 9.36 A.M until 3.00p.m......Cramah abt 1Citizen....Fail d exam..So Sad O...:(

2day i learn more abt IT dangerous IT world if we didnt use it wisely...But,anyway,..there is a way 2 prevent us as a IT consumer to make sure we r nt being prey...Dont ever2 give ur private information such as phone numbr,address,account bank number or wat so ever when u register 2 any website..ex:Social Networking,E-mail n so on....Make sure ur were not involve in any cyber crime...huhu...Be careful when using wi-fi,cyber cafe..n so on..Use ur own pc that can ensure ur private info didn't is secure...Watch carefully when u receiving an e-mail that need ur private info...In addition if d e-mail ask ur bank info such as account,..Please make sure the website is hygiene..u can see htt//: symbol..but sometime the hackers also knw,be very careful when is involving money...Call ur bank immediately and ask if they had sent an e-mail through ur e-mail account...And d worst thing happen 2day...i fail d exam...huhu..thank God is not key in as my exam marks...Get back home on 3p.m. somthing..then,wat else,open facebook lor..haha..After that,i'm so tired and fell asleep...woke up on 8p.m.,,get dinner wit my friend's and buy a newspaper,as my subject need a lot of general knowledge and current issue..Means that my exam is according to current issu but thank God..not all d juz apply 4 Hospitality and Tourism Industry...n mayb 4 Marketing too...I met a new friend 2day,..He fetch me by his car and then get turn aorund d Slangor..We get lost o...coz he also dont knw the way at Shah funnya,but nice to meet him..He was friendly n talkactive..and kind perhaps...hihi..In my opinion la...Sorry using Manglish..I need to improve my English,so that I can pass my MUET exam..Hopefully I will get Band 4 and nest year..amin..Pray 4 me too ya my friend' always ya...Okla ever1,I need 2 finish my assignment now..C u tomorrow..In dis I.T. r some pictures abt my State of Sabah nature ya...