Nature Of Sabah

Nature Of Sabah

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hye everyone,

Good Morning? is it..

One more last paper to complete and I didn't do much effort on it..Because emm, semester break after finish my last paper.

  But unfortunately, I have to go for my industrial training this coming semester break..
The problem is I still didn't get any practical place.
Huh, whining.. Why my lovely lecturer just say it on last minute.
Usually she is the one in-charge on Industrial Training(IT) and she's the one find a place for us to do our IT.

Why only she tell that Wednesday. and more thing no hotels wants only one month period of practical training. 

However,it does not matter if go to IT or not. I still can do it next semester break. 
But for sure,it better you do it earlier. Finish early and have a fun.

It's 3.46 a.m. on 21/1/2013, I make my self busy watching videos on youtube.

It's kinda funny watching Mat Lutfi videos.Hot issue. 'Listen,listen,listen' parodi only